Today I Learned

Easily add Toastr flash notices to Rails apps

I learned about Toastr JavaScript library last week and have been delighted to use it instead of more traditional flash messaging.

First of all get the Toastr sources. I opted to link to them on CDNJS:

= stylesheet_link_tag ''
= javascript_include_tag ''

Next I defined some extra flash types in my application_controller.rb file to match Toastr's native notification types and enable use of the built-in styling.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  add_flash_types :success, :info, :warning, :error

Finally, add the following block of JavaScript to the bottom of a layout template (or whatever shared partial that contains your JS and CSS includes.

- flash.keys.each do |key|
  - toastr_key = key
  - toastr_key = 'info' if key == 'notice'
  - toastr_key = 'warning' if key == 'alert'
    $(function() {

Lines 2 and 3 establish a mapping from conventional Rails notice and alert so that I don't have to hack libraries like Devise which rely on them.



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