Today I Learned

Use fetch method to access ENV variables in Ruby

It's better for at least a couple of reasons, eloquently stated in this blog post by Michal Orman

...we can set default values or handle - providing a block - gracefully missing keys. Also using fetch with unknown key will raise KeyError that will tell us which exactly key is missing. That is in fact the behavior we are expecting from the app. Without required settings is just not working and complaining about missing setting and not about some random nil references.

Got that? Instead of this:

  access_key_id:      ENV['S3_ACCESS_KEY'],
  secret_access_key:  ENV['S3_SECRET_KEY'],
  region:             ENV['S3_REGION']

Do this:

  access_key_id:      ENV.fetch('S3_ACCESS_KEY'),
  secret_access_key:  ENV.fetch('S3_SECRET_KEY'),
  region:             ENV.fetch('S3_REGION')

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