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So you CAN disable swipe navigation in Chrome

Damn, I can't believe that I didn't think of disabling this dubious feature sooner. Can't even begin to tell you how often an errant fingertip brush makes my Chrome history go backwards (or forwards, for that matter). Turn that shit off with the following command in your terminal.

defaults write AppleEnableMouseSwipeNavigateWithScrolls -bool NO

Make sure to restart Chrome for it to take effect.

Exec a Login Shell

While setting up the Droplet that's hosting this site, I had to switch from root to the rails user several times. In order to get gems and bundler to work properly, I needed a login shell, which you don't get automatically just using su. The solution is to exec bash -l after su.

What I didn't already know is exactly why that command does what it does. Turns out that exec replaces the current process (my shell) instead of starting a new sub-process. So while just typing bash -l will also give you the intended result, it's not as efficient.