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HTML5 Date Input doesn't work on Firefox #wtf

This one caught me by surprise today. Luckily, it's relatively simple to detect the missing functionality using Modernizr.js and use Datepickr instead.

  if (! {
      dateFormat : 'yy-mm-dd'
}); automated dependency management

This product just blew my mind, since I know how difficult it is to keep up with Node dependencies. You could manually track updates of your dependencies and test whether things continue to work. But it takes a lot of effort. So most of the time, your software is in a Schrödinger state of being potentially broken, and you have no idea until you run npm install and try the next time.

Greenkeeper handles the chores of dependency management. npm install and npm test is called immediately after an update. There is no doubt about the state of your software.

Use Axios for HTTP requests in Javascript

Axios is a slick promise-based HTTP client that works both in all modern browsers and server-side node.js. I like the simplicity of its interface.

  .then(function (response) {
  .catch(function (error) {

...and the fact that it supports concurrent requests without too much hassle

function getUserAccount() {
  return axios.get('/user/12345');

function getUserPermissions() {
  return axios.get('/user/12345/permissions');

axios.all([getUserAccount(), getUserPermissions()])
  .then(axios.spread(function (acct, perms) {
    // Both requests are now complete